BMW i Vision Dee Concept Has Color-Changing Paint And A Full-Width Head Up Display

 BMW i Vision Dee Concept Has Color-Changing Paint And A Full-Width Head Up Display

The BMW i Vision Dee previews some technologies to be found in the company’s Neue Klasse-based EVs

BMW has surprised attendees at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with the unveiling of the i Vision Dee, a futuristic mid-size sedan that aims to provide a Digital Emotional Experience (DEE, hence the name).

The German car manufacturer’s latest concept has an exterior that has been pared down to focus attention on the digital experience that it provides. It adopts a three-box sedan shape and features a number of characteristic BMW design elements that have been revised, including the kidney grille, twin circular headlights, and the Hofmeister kink.

This simple design philosophy continues into the cabin of the car where there is an intriguing steering wheel with a central vertical spoke with touchpoints that can be operated by moving the thumb. BMW says the cabin has been designed in such a way as to “ensure nothing distracts from the digital experience and the new feeling of enhanced driving pleasure.”

An innovative new Head-Up Display has debuted on the i Vision Dee. It projects across the entire width of the windshield and previews a full-width Head-Up display that will be used by BMW models based on its Neue Klasse platform from 2025 onwards.

An intriguing ‘Mixed Reality Slider’ is also present. It uses shy-tech sensors on the instrument panel to allow drivers to decide how much information they want to see on the Head-Up Display. Dimmable windows have also been fitted.

BMW has also implemented the latest iteration of its E Ink technology. First showcased on an iX presented at CES 2022 in black and white, this new version of E Ink is colored and allows for a fully variable and individually configurable exterior color. It can display up to 32 colors with the surface of the i Vision Dee divided into 240 distinct segments.

“With BMW i Vision Dee, we are showing how the car can be seamlessly integrated into your digital life and become a trusty companion,” head of BMW Group Design Adrian van Hooydonk said in a press release. “The vehicle itself becomes your portal to the digital world – with the driver always in control. Implemented the right way, technology will create worthwhile experiences, make you a better driver and simply bring humans and machines closer together.”

Sergej Schmitt

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